Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Melinda McRae: A Highly Respectable Widow

A Highly Respectable Widow by prolific author Melinda McRae was published in January 1992 by Signet. Katherine Mayfield was a content widow until she met the rakish Earl of Knowlton. He was looking for sport. She was looking for peace. Neither were looking for love.

This is a nice cover by Allan Kass. We see our couple standing together before dinner and both are dressed for a ball or other evening event. I like the heroine's use of silver that sets off the purple of her gown, which may be a widow's mourning color. The hero holds her hand as they spend a calm moment talking. I'm stumped to describe the black and gold object on the table next to the plate. If anyone knows, leave a message!


  1. Rhonda my guess is that it's a faberge egg (the kind that opens, maybe a box) on a stand.. Kind of a weird stand. The part holding the egg looks normal but I haven't seen the pedestal/column support before. Then again I'm no egg expert! I do really love looking at all these covers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! I think you may be right!