Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Laura Matthews: The Ardent Lady Amelia

Laura Matthews is a pseudonym for Elizabeth Rotter, who also wrote a Signet Regency under yet another pseudonym of Elizabeth Walker.  She wrote 30 regencies but only 4 were illustrated by Allan Kass.

The Ardent Lady Amelia was published by Signet in February 1984 and is the story of Amelia Cameron who is convinced that Lord Verwood, a nobleman of mystery, is really a spy because he is too good to be true!

Allan creates a cover with our couple in a rich room that looks out onto a summery vista. Our hero is dark and handsome but what is intriguing to me is the heroine. She wears a burgandy gown that almost clashes with her hair. The blue background of the room save the color day! Note the detail in the silver bowl behind them.

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