Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jeanne Crecy: The Evil Among Us

The Evil Among Us is next in my Allan Kass illustration lineup! I have 3 gothics by Jeanne Crecy and I hope you enjoy viewing Allan's interpretation of the gothic romance cover.

The Evil Among Us was published in December 1975 by Signet and is the story of Vala Holl, an ancient Norse farmstead and the people who live within. Kristin, an American cousin, comes to visit and soon is trapped in the lives of those family members along with falling in love with the wrong man!

Allan Kass uses the black clouds against the white background of the mountain and fford to illustrate our heroine and her flight from the little building behind her. She wears a heavy jacket and her outfit doesn't look out of place for being drawn 35 years ago. I like her necklace swinging on her chest as she moves. I hope that you enjoy seeing these gothic covers!

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