Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catherine Coulter: An Intimate Deception

An Intimate Deception was published in April 1983 by Signet for Catherine Coulter. Evangeline de Beauchamps's father is being held by Napoleon as a hostage and she has come to England as an unwilling spy. Richard Clarendon, the Duke of Portsmouth believes her to be a widow and she is terrified of his discovery and also falling in love with him!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple at the seashore. Our heroine wears a simple dress with matching straw hat. Note her pretty bracelet. Our hero seems quite taken with her! I like the feel of the ocean behind them and its colors of blue and green! The rocks and flowers make a nice place to picnic nearby. Another great cover by Kass!

Until 1816, England had been at war with France for many years. There was constant spy activity since it was easy to cross over the English Channel. Both countries participated in spying!

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