Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Corinna Cunliffe: Play of Hearts

Play of Hearts was published in February 1986 by Signet and is the story of Perdita Chase, the daughter of actors, who is brought up by her wealthy grandparents and is raised to be most proper. After she marries Sir Jeremy Dole, she realizes that she'll need all of her latent acting talent in order to make her loveless marriage one of happy ever after!

Allan Kass illustrates our handsome couple in a small room or hallway. We see the mirror behind and the porcelain ornament on the table that mimics their pose! I like the bright blue of our heroine's gown with the gold trim. Note her jewelry, which is one of Allan's trademark looks! Our hero's hair is longer and bushier than usual. He seems a dark figure! I like how Allan uses the room to give the illusion of wealth.

Actors and actresses were very popular during the regency and people loved attending plays. They, however, were not accepted into polite society and many actresses were considered little more than prostitutes.

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