Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catherine Coulter: Lord Deverill's Heir

May 1980 saw the release of Catherine Coulter's Lord Deverill's Heir by Signet. Arabella meets a handsome stranger who she thinks is trespassing on her father's land only to find out that he is the heir to their estate and to keep her place in life, she must marry him!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple at the bottom of a staircase. Our heroine leans on the edge while our hero embraces her. She wears a modish gown of burnt orange with matching headband and lots of gold trim. The color suits her coloring very well! Our hero is dressed as if he's departing the house to go on a journey. I really like the tapestry on the wall that looks very 1600's! Allan incorporates lots of minute details in every book cover! Enjoy!

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