Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jane Converse: Heartbreak Nurse

Heartbreak Nurse was published by Signet. This copy is a third edition without a date, so I estimate that it was published around 1972. Nurse Lillian Bryant falls for a distressed doctor that is overly concerned about a little patient and, rumors abound, about her mother! Does her suitor have a past love that will ruin theirs?

Allan Kass shows our couple in a white background, which almost looks like a snowy scene. Our couple is entwined and I like that you see Allan's signature piece of jewelry: the bangle bracelet on the wrist of the nurse! Note the orange in the cover: a sunset, or a metaphor for the passion of this story? The white trees also evoke a feeling of loneliness, too. Great cover, which I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jane Converse: Condemned Nurse

Condemned Nurse was published by Signet for Jane Converse in June 1971. This is another Allan Kass illustration and definitely older and interesting! This book originally cost 60 cents!

This story is about Jackie and her nurse roommate, Donna, who was on a downward spiral into drinking after carrying a horrible secret that has lost her her job and doctor boyfriend. If Jackie finds out, this secret will destroy her, also!

Allan Kass shows our couple with the nurse holding her clipboard in front, the doctor behind, and a naked person on the bed with newspaper headlines announcing some bad news. I'm glad that Allan got away from the "combination" illustration and made them his own. I feel like this was a usual technique and like his lovely couples much better. This is an early illustration of his and interesting to compare with his gothic and regency book covers! I have lots more Jane Converse books coming soon!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jane Converse: Cinderella Nurse

Cinderella Nurse was published in January 1971 (second printing) by Signet for Jane Converse. This story is about nurse Rita Ambler, who was a widow and mother to a young son. She's pursued by Dr. Glenn Seabrook, but is wary about making another bad marriage.

Allan Kass illustrates quite a provocative cover for this book. He uses the playing cards as a euphemism for our heroine: gambling with her future. The accident that brings her together with another doctor is portrayed along with a description of our pensive heroine. It's a neat cover with a lot to see! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jane Converse: Beth Lloyd, Surgical Nurse

Beth Lloyd, Surgical Nurse was published in December 1970 by Signet for Jane Converse and illustrated by Allan Kass. This story is about the aforementioned Beth Lloyd, who is in love with a brilliant surgeon who is afraid she's pushing for marriage. Add a transplant patient and a new surgical technique and the plot of this romance thickens!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple outside. I don't know if the artist is painting her or something else, but the heroine is forefront and looks pensive. It's interesting and a departure from Allan's regency covers! I like the heroine's modern hairdo and her prim nurses uniform and cap. Enjoy!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jane Converse: Accused Nurse

Jane Converse is the next author I'm featuring that had books illustrated by Allan Kass! She also wrote some Silhouette Romances in the early 1980's, but mainly wrote Nurse Romances. This book is the first of many that Allan illustrated and I hope you enjoy them!

Accused Nurse was published in November 1974 by Signet and is about Paula Owens, whose world fell apart after the death of her parents and left her with 2 brothers to support. Then she is accused of a crime that could cause her her job and her fiance.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple on an ice rink. Note the skates being carried by the hero. Our heroine wears a nurses cap and gown with a purple coat thrown over it. Our hero is handsome in dark green and black. I like the gothic aspect of the woods and the contrast with our couple. It's a great cover! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dorothy Cole: Nurse at the Fair

Nurse at the Fair was published by Signet in February 1973 for author Dorothy Cole. This is the only book I have by her illustrated by Allan Kass and one of the first "nurse" romances listed in this blog!

This story is about Merilee Maxwell who is secretly engaged to Dr. Kendall Ryder, but is attracted to new patient, tv star Tex Howard! Who is the right man for her?

Allan Kass shows our couple near a fairground in a pensive moment. She wears a nurses cap and holds a clipboard while the hadsome doctor wears a steathscope around his neck. I'm not sure what the horses and jockeys have to do with the cover, but it looks like a race! It's definitely a departure from Kass's regency covers and I really like it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Virginia Coffman: Strange Secrets

Strange Secrets is the last Coffman book that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. If you find another, let me know since I'm not sure that I have them all. This book was published in March 1976 and is the story of Claudia, who marries Steve after a whirlwind courtship only to find that his house, Shower Tree, seems to be haunted!

Allan Kass illustrates our heroine up close in a low cut pink gown running away from the mansion behind her. She wears her hair long and has on the signature Kass bangle bracelets! I'm sure that there are more Signet gothic romances out there that I don't have, but the ones I've found are great!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Virginia Coffman: Of Love and Intrigue

Of Love and Intrigue is one of Allan Kass's first covers. It was published in April 1969 and Virginia Coffman writes a tale about a girl who is paid to accompany another to her wedding. Why was she falling for the other girl's fiance and who was the man on board that unnerved her? A mystery of Love and Intrigue!

Allan Kass shows our heroine in a pink raincoat. She is in a warm climate as shown by the palm tree and he also illustrates a car, which is funny since before he freelanced to illustrating book covers, he worked in Detroit drawing car ads! I really like finding Allan's gothic covers and seeing the differences in them!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Virginia Coffman: A Haunted Place

A Haunted Place was published in February 1978 by Signet for Virginia Coffman. It is the third gothic illustrated by Allan Kass that I have for her. Until I wrote Allan, I didn't realize that he had illustrated gothic romances. I thought he had only done regencies! So it was a treat to find many of these and see the resemblances between the illustrations!

This book is about an American actress who is stranded in a French village where the villagers believe she is a ghost come to put a curse on them!

Allan does a superb job at painting the heroine in a sinister place! She wears modern dress and jewelry, but stands near a scary dragon and we see a gloomy castle behind her. Allan used his daughters and local townspeople as his models! It must have been fun to see yourself reproduced on a book cover!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Virginia Coffman: The Evil at Queen's Priory

The Evil at Queen's Priory was published by Signet in December 1978 for Virginia Coffman. It is one of a few that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. This cover is exciting because I found it a month ago!

It's a gothic story about a widow, who hears a ghostly voice that sounds like her dead husband. She's also concerned about her young son and her attraction to her husband's brother, who may just be his killer!

Allan Kass illustrated quite a few gothics for Signet and I like this one because it has some interesting details on the cover: what or who is the ghostly statue? Why is the window open? Is the room on fire? I also like how Allan has the heroine in modern dress. Note her modern hairdo and jewelry. It's a great cover and was an exciting find!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Virginia Coffman: The Beach House

The Beach House is the first book I have by famous author Virginia Coffman, who wrote many gothic romances during the 1970's. This book was published by Signet in June 1970 and is the story of Livia Carter, who is haunted by the death of her boyfriend's late wife!

This is one of Allan Kass's earlier book illustrations and it has a gothic/tropical feel to the picture. You see the haunted beach house with a light on inside while the sky is dark and the waves crash against the shore. The heroine looks as if she's in a bathing suit with a wrap skirt around it. She wears a bracelet and hoop earrings, which is a signature Kass look. It's very different from his elegant regency covers, but a fun departure! Enjoy and click on the picture to enlarge!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Tynedale Daughters

The Tynedale Daughters was published by Fawcett in May 1982 and is the last of Norma Lee Clark's books that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. This story is about three sisters, two who are betrothed, but the youngest, Kitty, who is not. Kitty is intrigued with Anthony, a son of her father's friend, who plans to visit. This is a typical fun and light regency romance!

Allan Kass creates another of my favorite covers! I like the motion of the couple as the hero pushes the heroine on the swing! Her pink dress is full and we see a glimpse of pink ballerina slippers and white eyelet petticoat. While the style is regency, the full skirt of her gown and eyelet were popular dress in 1982! This is a very pretty cover and you can click on it to enlarge!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Sophia and Augusta

Sophia and Augusta was published by Signet in 1979 and is the sequel to her book, Mallory. It is about the twins, thus titled, who are now grown up and having a season. How suitors become mixed up and the twins decide who they love is the plot of this story! Mallory and her husband make an appearance in this book, too!

Allan Kass illustrates our twins, now all grown up and ready to take London by storm! It's interesting that he does portray them as identically dressed and hard to tell apart. I'd think that they'd want to be individuals, but who knows! The hero is looking on and makes you wonder which twin he loves!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Pippa

Pippa was published by Signet in November 1987 and is another delightful story by Norma Lee Clark. It is about Pippa, who gives her guardian, Sir Anthony Seymour-Croft, fits while he tries not to fall in love with her, himself!

Allan Kass outdoes himself with this cover! Our couple stand outside near a chaise where the hero is ready to hand the heroine up into it. She is pretty in a purple gown with a bright pink parasol. Our hero is dark and handsome in a red coat! It's a beautiful summer day and the park looks cool and inviting. The details of the chaise, coachmen, and horse are all great Kass details. I hope that you enjoy this cover!

Young ladies required guardians for different reasons. Sometimes it was to safeguard their fortunes or to provide a marriage. It was common for a young lady to live in London with another older lady who would take them out into society and find a match.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match was published by Signet in September 1983. It is the story of Sydney, who has raised her sister, Muriel from a baby. Now she's looking for the perfect match for her lovely sister and has found one: Sir Max Westbrook. However, Muriel doesn't think he's the perfect match for herself, but for her older sister!

Allan Kass illustrates one of my favorite covers on this book! I love the ornate walking dress on our heroine and the matching waistcoat on the hero. They stand outside of a shop and look as if they plan to continue walking together. It's such a lovely cover and I hope you enjoy it! Click on the picture to enlarge!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Miss Holland's Betrothal

Miss Holland's Betrothal is another Kass cover for author Norma Lee Clark. This book was published in August 1986 and is the story of Isabelle Holland, who is engaged to a very wealthy suitor but realizes after the engagement that she's in love with another.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in this book in a beautiful room embracing each other. Our heroine is pretty in a long sleeved pink gown while the hero is dark and dashingly stealing a kiss. I like the candelabra on the chest behind them. It's another simply elegant cover by Kass.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Marriage Mart

The Marriage Mart was published in March 1984 and written by Norma Lee Clark. It is a regency story about Georgina, who is marrying the Earl of Trowbridge after her first season. She finds out after her marriage that she can't be content with a wandering husband, but craves his love for herself, alone.

Allan Kass illustrates an almost gothic feel to this cover, with our couple outside a dark mansion in the evening. Our heroine is pretty in a pink evening gown and our hero compliments her in his red jacket. This is a classic Kass illustration with the detail to the steps and foliage. I love the look of this cover with the positioning of the couple and background details.