Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Diana Brown: A Debt of Honour

A Debt of Honour was published in March 1982 by Signet and Diana Brown tells the story of Fiona Guthrie, who incurs a gambling debt that she must pay and ends up putting herself in the power of Lord Peter Chalmsforth to help her procure the money.

Allan Kass paints another of his classic regency pictures for this cover. It shows our dark haired heroine in the arms of her hero and she is beautiful in a pink gown and gold jewelry. Our hero is dashing in a red coat and tender as he holds our heroine. Note the sundial and ornate gate behind them.

Gambling was a problem in the regency with many people wagering their livelihoods on the turn of the cards. Even women were tempted to this vice. It was understood that gambling debts must be paid immediately as a debt of honour, as mentioned in the title of this book.

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