Monday, July 27, 2009

Caroline Brooks: A Sea Change

A Sea Change is the last Allan Kass illustrated book I have. It was published by Signet in December 1987. It is the story of Augusta Webb, who fell in love with Robert Darnley when she was a girl, only to have him disappear. She meets him years later and finds that she still has feelings for him.

Allan Kass draws a picture of our couple meeting on a town street. She is dressed in an afternoon dress with matching bonnet and cloak. She carries a reticule, or purse, to hold her money. Her clothes compliment her coloring. The hero wears a many caped riding coat over his clothes. He seems happy to be meeting our heroine.

This book is set near the sea. Many fashionable Londoners went to the seaside in the summer for the summer season. Brighton was a popular watering place! It was cooler near the sea and it offered other amusements that were not available in London, besides a change of place and pace.

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