Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Audrey Blanshard: Sir Ranulf and the Runaway

Sir Ranulf and the Runaway was published in August 1980 by Fawcett for Audrey Blanshard. Isabella has always admired Sir Ranulf but their fathers have always feuded. She is able to get to know him when a young boy runs off from his estate and to hers to be protected by her younger sister.

Allan Kass paints an outdoor, or alfresco, evening picnic! This is a unique cover and interesting with the silver pieces being used! Our couple is definitely enjoying their time together, but the building behind them looms menacingly! Is there a secret here?

This seems to be a blend between the regency and a gothic story. Jane Austen wrote a spoof of the gothic called Northanger Abbey! Many regency young ladies loved to read gothic novels and scare themselves silly! Nowadays, paranormal and romantic suspense novels are very popular!

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