Sunday, July 12, 2009

Audrey Blanshard: Lucetta

Lucetta was published in October 1979 by Fawcett for Audrey Blanshard. Lucetta falls in love with Vere Dalvin, who leaves the house after Lord Wintringham, Lucetta's father, proposes that Vere marry Lucetta! She is not dismayed, however, because she plans to have him!

Allan Kass paints a scene at a horse race for this novel. Our hero is handsome in purple tails and buff trousers while the heroine is beautiful in a mossy green! I love her poke bonnet and the medallion that the hero wears: an award for his horse winning a race? An interesting fact is that there is a small head shot of the couple on the back cover of this book!

Horse racing was becoming a pastime for rich men during the regency. Newmarket was the preferred place to hold races and much betting happened there.

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