Friday, April 26, 2013

April Kihlstrom: The Wary Spinster

The Wary Spinster, published in August 1983 by Signet, is the story of Anthea Marwood who is a spinster by choice after being raised by a brutal father. She invites her niece to stay with her in Bath when she realizes that she's being pushed into marriage with a reprobate. Lord Giles Rathbone, a friend, is convinced to change Anthea's marital state!

This is another great cover by Allan Kass! I love the heroine's periwinkle blue gown under her heavy darker blue cape and trimmed bonnet. She wears a lace cap that shows her status as spinster. Our hero is handsome in his caped greatcoat and looks like a trustworthy suitor for our heroine!

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