Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Kihlstrom: The Scholar's Daughter

The Scholar's Daughter was published in February 1989 and is the story of Calista Standish who is debating the problem of Mr. John Witton! She couldn't resist him even though he had a fiancee and her intellect was telling her to flee. Could he love someone like her?

I love this cover by Allan Kass. Set in Bath, UK, we see the beautiful architecture with the creamy stone walls and narrow streets. Our couple are dressed exquisitely for a walk in the city and everything from the heroine's shawl to the matching ribbons on her bonnet enhance her pink walking dress. The hero is very much a la mode with his dark jacket, hat, and cane.

If you ever have a chance to visit Bath, do it. It's a beautiful city that still looks like it did back in the days of the regency. It's easy to imagine that you're back in time when walking the streets!

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