Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Kihlstrom: A Scandalous Bequest

A Scandalous Bequest was published by Signet for author April Kihlstrom in September 1982. Felicity Lyford is being courted by both Lord Harry Eastcott and Sir Anthony Woodhall for her fortune. These two rivals make it hard for Felicity to decide which is really in love with her and not just her money.

Allan Kass shows our couple near a splendid mansion with Georgian style arch windows. I love our heroine's hairdo, all bouffant and curly. Her full blue dress is definitely slipping off of her shoulders!! We get a glimpse of the hero's face, but he looks kind and loving.

April Kihlstrom is one of Signet's most prolific authors. She wrote many other regencies not illustrated by Allan Kass. Some were written as sequels and in series.

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