Sunday, February 20, 2011

Karen Harbaugh: The Devil's Bargain

May 1995 is the publication date of The Devil's Bargain by Karen Harbaugh. Signet published other books by her, but Allan Kass only illustrated this one.

Eveline Seton is intrigued with Lord Richard Clairmond but he wants her not as a wife, but as a way to be relieved of his debts and poverty. This book has a supernatural twist since the hero has made a bargain with the devil, hence the title.

I'm glad that Allan Kass didn't try for a paranormal look for this book but kept it looking like a traditional regency romance. Our couple attend a party and enjoy a moment alone outside in the darkness. I like the heroine's gold trimmed gown which is embellished with an ornately embroidered shawl. Note Allan's use of light and shadow on this picture.

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