Monday, February 28, 2011

Judith Harkness: The Montague Scandal

The Montague Scandal, published by Signet in November 1979 for author Judith Harkness, is the last of her books illustrated by Allan Kass. Roselind Arden needed to marry for wealth and her best prospect on the marriage mart was Reginald Darnley, even though others, like Peter Grey, told her it would be a disaster to marry him.

Allan Kass creates a great cover for this book. It is dark in tone because of the red curtains and wood paneling. Our heroine's dress echoes the colors in the room while the hero's red coat is the one bright spot in it! I like Allan's use of jewelry on the heroine and her long green scarf is elegant. Allan's commitment to detail shows with the ornate desk in the background.

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