Monday, February 14, 2011

Georgina Grey: The Last Cotillion

The Last Cotillion is #57 in Fawcett's Coventry Regency series and was written by Georgina Grey. This book was published in August 1980. This is a pen name of Mary Linn Roby, who also wrote regencies and gothic romances.

Olivia Irving is playing a dangerous game with a dangerous man and in doing so is keeping the right suitor at arms length. Can she save her brother's honor along without losing the man she loves?

Allan Kass shows our coupled dancing a waltz, different than the cotillion of the title, but apt, as the end of the story suggests. He paints an unusually ornate gown for our heroine with the puffs and pearl trim of the hem. I also like her diamond tiara and jewels. Our hero is also glamorous in his black dress suit with a gold waistcoat and red fob. Where Allan goes all out is with the details of this room! From the walls to the mantel, everything is very ornate and golden.

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