Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vanessa Gray: The Accessible Aunt

The Accessible Aunt by Vanessa Gray is first in a bunch of Signet Regencies that she wrote and Allan Kass illustrated! She is one of Signet's earliest authors in this line and this book was published in January 1984.

Celina Forsyth was a spinster aunt running the household of her social climbing sister in law. She also had two nieces that were looking for husbands and everyone had their eyes on the Marquess of Wroxton--even Celina!

Allan Kass does something original with this cover by painting everything predominately red. We see our couple standing at the bottom of an immense staircase. Our heroine wears a pinkish day dress while our hero's red jacket is bright and vivid. Definitely a unique cover that I'm sure was an interesting project!

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