Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jennie Gallant: Minuet

September 1980 saw the publishing of Minuet, by Jennie Gallant, a pseudonym for Joan Smith! This is from Fawcett's Coventry Regency line and is #66.

Lady Celeste, known as Minou, has escaped France during the revolution to England to find her father. She meets Lord Degan and they plot to return and rescue her mother and brother!

This is a great Georgian cover by Allan Kass, but I wish it was larger. The detail is exquisite and we miss the trimming on her gown and in her hair and the details of the room unless you stop and look. I like the ornate candlestick and the green gauze apron on her gown.

Unfortunately, these books are becoming harder to find since regency romances are not being published with any regularity. Check your used book store and eBay for copies.

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