Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mary Ann Gibbs: The Tulip Tree

The Tulip Tree by Mary Ann Gibbs was published in November 1979 for Fawcett's Coventry Romance line. This line carried mainly regencies, but also featured stories set in Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian times.

Allegra Lakesby has become a governess after her father loses their home at the home of Lord Fetherstone. He proposes, but she can't forget the handsome railway engineer she met on her way to Fetherstone.

Allan Kass shows our couple sitting on a bench in a park or garden of an estate. Our heroine is pretty in a pink Victorian gown with full sleeves and a big collar. She also carries a picture hat and wears fingerless gloves. She looks at our hero with a face full of love. He is handsome and well dressed. I like the statues in the background and believe that this cover would again have benefit from being larger. You can click to enlarge the photo.

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