Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peggy Gaddis: River's Edge

Our last book by Peggy Gaddis is River's Edge, #21 in the Rainbow Romance series. Allan illustrated 5 books for this series that I could find. These are some of his earliest book cover illustrations.

River's Edge was published in September 1970 and is a condensed book. The original title was The Other Dear Charmer. Kate Ryan and her doctor father have moved into the estate called River's Edge. However, this town was wary of strangers and Kate didn't like it there until she met Dr. Scott Etheridge, another newcomer who was destined for another.

This is such a pretty cover by Allan Kass. We see our couple in an embrace as they stand on a path in a wooded area. I love that he uses greens and pinks to soften the darkness of the woods.

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