Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ellen Fitzgerald: Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love was published in July 1986. Diana Forsythe falls for Sir Sabin Mallory and hopes he will do the same. Instead, he asks her for help in winning the heart of the most beautiful girl in London! She hopes their lessons will turn his heart towards herself!

Allan Kass paints a beautiful cover of our couple outside on a snowy day. The sunset reflects on the pond behind them and illuminates our heroine's purple winter coat and our hero's heavy green one. The trees in the background seem a fitting frame for this regency couple. Sometimes as I pull these books off of the shelf, I forget how pretty and elegant these covers really are! Signet books was smart to keep the lettering light and let the illustration shine!

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  1. I remember these beautiful covers so well.... Actually I still own a lot of these traditional Regency romances and even wrote one called A Very Merry Chase myself. I would have loved to have such a lovely painted cover for Regency.
    Thanks for sharing,
    I have a lovely romance comic from 1951 with a beautiful painted cover that I'm giving away in a contest to promote my book. The direct link is here if you or your readers would like to enter.