Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joy Freeman: The Last Frost Fair

Joy Freeman wrote two books for Signet Regency and both were illustrated by Allan Kass. The Last Frost Fair was published in December 1985. Madeleine St. Cross needs to marry money and for this reason she is brought to London. During the winter of 1814, London's Thames River freezes over and a fair is built upon the ice. She meets Major John Ashton and is faced with the dilemma of marrying for love or money!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple sitting on a sofa. The hero seems to be entreating the heroine to marry him! It's a colorful scene with the green sofa, red walls, pink and purple pillows setting off her yellow gown and his blue jacket. I like that it's a calm and quiet picture of true love. I'm curious that Allan didn't paint a scene from the Frost Fair of the title, but he often had to illustrate according to the demands of the publishers.

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