Friday, August 28, 2009

Gayle Buck: Honor Besieged

Honor Besieged was written by Gayle Buck and published by Signet in February 1990. Theresa visits London and quickly realizes that it will not be easy to attract the Duke of Ashford's attention. She begins to realize that in society, love is a game and is wondering if she can win the prize?

Allan Kass paints a pretty picture of our couple in riding clothes with their horses grazing in a forest. Our heroine is stark in black and white while our hero is dashing in a red coat. She holds some bright daffodils that have been growing in the grasses. I love all of the colors around our couple that her dark dress seem to illuminate.

It's hard to realize that most people married for social elevation or financial peace during this time in England. Family and bloodlines were very important to marriages and many women had little choice in their marriage partner.

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