Thursday, August 7, 2014

Phyllis A. Whitney: Secret of the Emerald Star

Secret of the Emerald Star was published by Signet for prolific author Phyllis A. Whitney in February 1979. Robin Ward meets a blind girl named Stella who lives with her very odd grandmother and a mysterious lodger. Stella wants the lodger out but can't figure out his seemingly hold over her grandmother and asks for Robin's help!

Allan Kass shows our young couple watching a dancing lady on the lawn of a dark mansion. I like the Victorian mansion and the feeling of space as you see the grounds. Our couple are dressed warmly for evening sleuthing with jackets and jeans. It's cute that they're holding hands because that seems to give evidence that they care for each other. I also like the gleaming green glow that Allan uses on this cover which echoes the title!

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