Sunday, August 3, 2014

Phyllis A. Whitney: Mystery of the Scowling Boy

The Mystery of the Scowling Boy was published in February 1975 by Signet. Phyllis A. Whitney writes a story about Jan and her brother Mike who visit the Poconos over Christmas and are determined to meet their favorite movie star when they realize she is visiting also. However a mystery is swirling around her and her son who are determined to keep their distance.

Allan Kass was an avid skier, so he must have enjoyed illustrating this cover! We see the siblings on skis as they look down at a mansion with a mysterious person walking away from it. I like the snow covered tree next to them and their chunky coats and hats. Great cover!

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  1. I enjoyed this book also and to know that Allan Kass was an avid skier is amazing, it must have totally influenced his take on the cover art!! Love love love it!!