Saturday, February 22, 2014

Margaret SeBastian: Byway to Love

May 1980 is the publication date for Fawcett's Byway to Love by Margaret SeBastian. Numbered #40, it is the story of Sophie Sandringham who meant to wed her neighbor Oliver but when she and her sister went to London, she began to wonder why she should settle!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple standing outside an inn. The light is fading and we wonder if they've missed their coach or have just arrived. My copy isn't the best but you can still see the beauty of the scene.

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  1. I enjoy these posts so much, and it occurred to me that even thoughI have nothing specific to say about this cover, I should say "thank you" for all the posts. I agree with you that Allan Kass was very gifted. I enjoy the posts both because the covers are lovely but also because I find out about authors I don't know, and their books.

    Please keep up the good work!