Saturday, June 1, 2013

Allison Lane: Lord Avery's Legacy

Lord Avery's Legacy was published in February 1998 by Signet and one of the last books illustrated by Allan Kass. Penelope Wingrave's sister is being courted by a man who she doesn't approve and neither does his cousin, so when Penelope meets Richard Avery, the sparks fly! In the process of trying to keep their loved ones apart, they end up falling in love!

Considering that Allan was in his 80's by now, this is a wonderful cover. He told me that some of the demands were beginning to get crazy with the publisher wanting animals on the covers. He felt like the beauty of the Regency period was beginning to make way for gimmicks in order to sell books. Even though this cover has ostriches on it, we also get the elegance of the Regency in the clothing of the couple and see Allan's talent with a landscape.

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