Friday, May 31, 2013

Allison Lane: The Impoverished Viscount

The Impoverished Viscount is the first of four books by Allison Lane that were illustrated by Allan Kass. This title was published by Signet in July 1996. Lady Melissa Stapleton found herself at the mercy of Lord Heflin and fleeing from him, went straight into the arms of another rake, Charles Rathbone, who asked her to play a masquerade as his bride and to outwit Heflin, she did so.

This cover by Allan Kass shows our couple dressed for an actual masquerade with our heroine as a Grecian beauty and our hero looking like a count from Transylvania! The room shows other party goers and could be a foyer since it isn't decorated. It's unusual to see a heroine with her hair long and down on a regency cover.

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