Friday, November 2, 2012

Georgette Heyer: These Old Shades

 These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer is one of my favorite books! If you've never read a copy, find one immediately!! This is the story of the rakish Duke of Avon and the beautiful French girl, Leonie, who masquerades as his page for half of the book. Set in Georgian France and England, it's a story of treachery, revenge, and love.  The Signet copy is a January 1988 publication while the Fawcett dates from December 1983.

Allan Kass created both covers and the first one for Signet is a favorite. We see our older hero with his enchanting heroine, both in Georgian garb, but very elegant. The heroine's fiery red hair is curled and ornamented with pearls and ribbons, which echo her elaborate gown of blue and rose. The hero wears a powdered wig and long burgandy coat with a gold waistcoat underneath.

The Fawcett cover shows our heroine in an ornate ball gown of green with rose decorations and the hero in red. They steal a minute away from a grand ball. This edition is harder to find, but beautiful.

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  1. Thanks for the posts of Alan Kass art. I had seen a few of these but hadn't realized he had done so many. My only quibble is that he makes the heroes too young looking. Heyer usually created 36 year old, over-the-hill types.

    Great work. Keep it up.