Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Georgette Heyer: The Nonesuch

Georgette Heyer's The Nonesuch was published in the late 1970's by Fawcett. It had an earlier paperback publication date, but this copy is a newer edition.

Sir Waldo Hawkridge has inherited Broom Hall and the locals are excited to have an eligible bachelor in their area! Especially the young and beautiful Tiffany Wield, who has yet to attach the man of her choice! Unfortunately for her, Waldo's eye falls on her governess/companion, Miss Ancilla Trent!

This is a gorgeous cover by Allan Kass! We see our sporting hero with his red coat and whip looking down at the heroine, organizing flowers in the church. It's as if he's interrupted a quiet, pensive moment as she twirls a flower in her hand. The dark brown stone of the church is a pleasing setting to this quiet introduction.

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