Saturday, October 13, 2012

Georgette Heyer: The Grand Sophy

The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer is a Berkley publication dated May 1976.  Sophy Stanton-Lacey is sent to live with her London relatives while her diplomatic father travels to Brazil. Once there, she begins to turn this family upside down as she solves problems and makes matches. It is one of my favorite books and definitely one to track down and read if you haven't given yourself the pleasure!

This cover, by Allan Kass, looks like something Sophy would have worn while driving or traveling. Our heroine is dashing in her fur lined driving coat and matching muff. In the distance we see our hero and the grounds of an estate. I like the subtle variations of color in the sky and that the heroine is prominent on this cover.

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  1. Would you like to see a Georgette Heyer novel made into a film? I have started a petition to try to get some interest in a Heyer film. If you would like to sign it, the link is on my blog, The Jane Austen Film Club on blogspot. Sounds like you are also a Georgette Heyer fan!