Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ellen Fitzgerald: The Gambler's Bride

The Gambler's Bride was published by Signet for Ellen Fitzgerald in January 1988. Caroline Dysart agrees to elope with the very handsome Charles Montague. She thinks it's because of love, but others whisper that he needs her fortune. After she's married and hears those whispers, she decides to find out the truth.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple sitting outdoors on a low wall in a small park. Our heroine has a fashionable short hairdo and is very pretty. Our hero is rugged and handsome. Allan is great at portraying faces and human physique. I like the setting of the statue and small pool behind them.

Allan is unique in that both his outdoor poses and indoor covers are both wonderful. When one takes the time to look deeper into the cover, you can find a wealth of color and detail, which is unusual with other illustrators.

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