Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ellen Fitzgerald: The Dangerous Dr. Langhorne

Next in line are a treat of illustrations for Ellen Fitzgerald's regency stories! Allan Kass did a number of them, which I will display in the next posts.

The Dangerous Dr. Langhorne was published by Signet in October 1985 and is the story of Lady Vanessa Ventriss, who is intrigued by Sir Philip Langhorne, a physician, who is rumored to be dabbling in mesmerism.

Allan Kass creates a pretty outside pose for this cover near a gated wall, which yellow roses bloom. I like that the color mimics the heroine's dress! Look at her Egyptian bangle! The hero is a handsome blond and the details of the stairway into the door, along with the stone wall, is wonderful. Allan's work done in the 1980's is some of his best!

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