Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Margaret Eastvale: As the Sparks Fly

As the Sparks Fly was written by Margaret Eastvale and published by Fawcett for their regency romance line in October 1975. Catherine Woodleigh was glad to leave school and go live with her young guardian, but she finds herself falling in love with him. Unfortunately, he's engaged and his fiancee is throwing her at other men!!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple outside of a coach. Our heroine looks as if she's traveling and our hero is either picking her up or escorting her somewhere. I like the calm scene of the water and grass behind them. Our heroine wears a cloak over her dark green empire gown, which is cut low for traveling. Our hero wears a many caped greatcoat, but what's interesting is his large emerald ring! This is the only book that Allan illustrated for Margaret Eastvale.

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