Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clare Darcy: Elyza

Elyza is next in line, being published by Signet in July 1977 for Clare Darcy. Dressed as a young man, Elyza is rescued from a cruel innkeeper by Cleve Redmayne and she realizes that she doesn't have to settle for a dull and boring marriage!

Allan Kass illustrates Brighton UK on this cover. We see our couple strolling in a park and the Prince Regent's Royal Pavilion in the background! Our heroine wears a sunny summer dress and carries a matching parasol. Our hero blends into the scene in his green jacket and I like how he casually holds the heroine's hand.

John Nash redesigned the Royal Pavilion building in an Indian theme. The inside decorations are mainly influenced by Indian and Chinese designs. George IV, formerly the Prince Regency wanted a house in Brighton from where he could visit the seaside. Queen Victoria sold it to the city in the 1850's.

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