Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clare Darcy: Allegra

Allegra is the first book Allan Kass illustrated for Clare Darcy. We will see 12 different covers over the next days for the different novels that Darcy wrote and Kass illustrated!

Allegra was published in February 1976 by Signet and is the story of a feisty lady who shocks Regency London by not accepting the hand of her distant, wealthy cousin and then travels to Brussels on the eve of Waterloo!

Allan Kass shows our couple dancing at a ball. Maybe this was the famous ball in Brussels before the Battle of Waterloo! Our hero and heroine move elegantly down the room while we see the musicians play and others watch. I really like the detail on his jacket and her headdress! It's too bad that it's not a full cover illustration, but I hope that you enjoy it and the others to come!

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