Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jane Converse: Penthouse Nurse

Penthouse Nurse is another Jane Converse nurse romance that was published by Signet in April 1974 and illustrated by Allan Kass. This story is about a nurse named Carrie Linden, who gets a wonderful assignment as a private duty nurse to wealthy Jim Orr. She takes it because it gives her a chance to be with Ken Delaney, Jim's doctor and the man she secretly loves. When another doctor starts looking her way, she begins to wonder if her love for Ken is hopeless.

I like this cover by Allan Kass. It's simple and yet, the couple are vividly portrayed and drawn with classically "Kass" features. Our heroine is pretty in her nurse uniform. Note her wristwatch: Allan loves to incorporate jewelry on his heroines! She is reminiscent of his regency ladies! Our hero is also very Kass-like as he looks on from the background. I love the tall, thin candles and the flower arrangement, so 70's! I hope that you like this cover, too!

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