Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dorothy Worley: The High Road

The High Road by Dorothy Worley was published by Dell Candlelight in November 1970 and it's fitting to end our alphabetical list with one of Allan Kass's earliest book illustrations!

This book is about Ann Woodward and her work with the Malone brothers who served in their small community. When an exciting offer comes for the doctors, all have to decide if they want success away from home and Ann needs to decide which brother she really loves.

Allan Kass creates a wonderful cover with our heroine and shows the conflict between her and her choice of suitor. This is a very early Kass illustration and while within the Dell guidelines shows his skill with the detail of the people, their clothing, and the setting. If you see more nurse romances that Kass may have illustrated, please contact me. You can usually find his signature or "ak" in the illustration.

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  1. I have greatly enjoyed your posts on Allan Kass's book covers. Thank you!