Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Claudette Williams: Hotspur & Taffeta

Hotspur & Taffeta was first published in June 1981 by Fawcett and is the story of Lady Taffeta and her boldness and let her beholden to Lord Tarrant, also known in society as Hotspur. Can two bold society darlings become a loving pair?

The covers by Allan Kass are identical, yet reversed for the later issued in March 1989. I think that the earlier edition is the actual painting while the publishers reversed the cover for the later issue. I'm not too sure why they did this since other reissues were not reversed. Kass shows our couple at a ball with the hero asking the heroine to dance. It's almost a better picture of the hero than heroine in my opinion. Judging from the scene, it looks like a lively party!

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