Saturday, July 6, 2013

Edith Layton: The Disdainful Marquis

The Disdainful Marquis by Edith Layton was published by Signet in August 1983. I am lucky to have an autographed copy and treasure it! This story is about Catherine Robins who was the companion of the Duchess of Crewe, but was expected to please the duchess's male friends, one of who was the rakish Marquis of Bessacarr!

I think this ranks as one of my favorite covers by Allan Kass! I love the hero, who is a typical Kass hero: mid 30's, handsome, chiseled, and well dressed. The heroine is lovely in her sapphire blue gown, which flatters her dark hair and matches her blue eyes. They stand in an elegant room full of beautiful objects of art where you can almost feel the heat of the fire, too. Click to enlarge and enjoy!

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