Monday, February 4, 2013

Hans Holzer: Gothic Ghosts

Gothic Ghosts by Hans Holzer is a series of true short stories that was published in March 1972. I'm not going to dwell much on the subject of this book except that the gothic was very popular in the 1970's with tv and fiction books being written, so a book of true encounters makes sense.

This is the first book I'm listing that I'm not 100% sure Allan Kass created the cover. I am mostly sure because I found the photo of this cover at his daughter's house and she kindly let me view all of the paintings, sketches, and covers ripped off of books that he saved in his portfolio when I visited in 2010! This was a cover and while I can't find a signature, it does have the feel of a early Kass cover. If anyone has any other information, please contact me. We see the typical gothic romantic heroine fleeing the spooky house in the background! I see the folds of her dress and her long necked physique as being very Kass in element.

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