Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Georgette Heyer: False Colours

 False Colours, by Georgette Heyer, has an exciting treat in store for the reader: 2 different Allan Kass covers! The first, by Fawcett, is a 1977 printing, while the Signet is dated October 1984.

Cressida Stavely is a young heiress with a dilemma: which brother to choose? She has accepted Evelyn, the Earl of Fancot but is enamored with his brother, Kit, after he masqueraded as Evelyn and fell in love with her!

The Fawcett cover shows our two brothers, dressed identically, glaring at each other over the chair of the heroine. What strikes me as interesting is the lack of any detail on this cover, other than the people and the chair. It's very unusual for an Allan Kass cover.

The Signet version shows more detail to our heroes and heroine. We see our identical brothers but one leads away the heroine while she glances at the other. Her yellow gown is richly embroidered and decorated. I love her headpiece! Note the detail of the room in which they stand. I hope you like seeing two different illustrations by Kass for the same book! It's apropos, I believe!!

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