Thursday, April 5, 2012

Georgette Heyer: Behold, Here's Poison

Behold, Here's Poison is a mystery by Georgette Heyer, set in the 1930's and published by Fawcett in November 1979. Heyer wrote mysteries along with her Georgian and Regency romances.

Elderly Gregory Matthews has died and his family assumes it's old age. But no! He has been poisoned! Now everyone in the family is suspecting each other as the murderer!

Allan Kass illustrated only one of Heyer's mysteries and I think it's a nice departure from his usual subjects and time period! Our heroine has a short and flirty haircut and looks very modern while she stands in an ancient hallway. The hero looks suitably British with his pipe and suit jacket! I like the detail in the stairwell and wooden door frame.

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