Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emily Hendrickson: The Debonair Duke

The Debonair Duke by Emily Hendrickson was published by Signet in July 1996. A rash of jewel thefts are taking place in London and during this time Lady Pamela Taylor is sent a beautiful necklace of sapphires with a cryptic note signed "JR". She wonders who could have sent them to her: a Russian prince, a handsome French comte, or the wealthy Duke of Wexford, all who have these initials!

Allan Kass gives this cover a casual look with our couple sitting outside near a lake. Our heroine was reading a book and we wonder if the hero found her there, or they had walked out together? While he is very casually attired, our heroine is pretty in a summery yellow day gown trimmed in blue. Allan is the master of form as we notice the heroine's perfect profile and the shape and size of the man's hand.

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