Saturday, December 31, 2011

Emily Hendrickson: The Abandoned Rake

Next we offer a series of books by author Emily Hendrickson that were illustrated by Allan Kass. Emily is one of Signet's prolific authors and The Abandoned Rake is a June 1995 publication.

Joanna leaves London after a disastrous season and a narrow escape from a dreaded marriage. She flees to a rural locale which houses, unknown to her, Sir Lucas Montfort, premier rake of the realm!

Looking at this outdoor cover scene by Allan Kass, we don't get the impression of a wicked rake! The dog near the rowboat seems to lighten the picture of seduction. Our couple lounge relaxed under a tree and our heroine seems rather dressed up for her outing with gloves, jewels, and a parasol! Our hero seems more casually dressed, as if he had been rowing and saw her walking along the shore.

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