Monday, November 7, 2011

Sandra Heath: The Sherborne Sapphires

May 1982 saw the publication of The Sherborne Sapphires by prolific author Sandra Heath. Amy Van Allen, an American, met a new friend while attending a Presidential dinner and Olivia Sherborne invited her to spend a holiday in England and stay for her wedding. On the way, Amy discovers the story about the Sherborne sapphires and Olivia's late sister in law. She is determined to hate Jonathan Sherborne, but then she meets him!

Allan Kass creates a simply elegant picture for this cover of our couple. Our heroine wears the sapphire necklace as she shares a moment with the hero. They are dressed for dinner and stand in an ornate sitting room. The heroine's hairdo isn't too formal, but may be a style that suits her American personality. The letter she lightly holds intrigues me...perhaps from a past suitor?

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