Friday, July 22, 2011

Sandra Heath: A Highland Conquest

A Highland Conquest by Sandra Heath was published by Signet in February 1994 under the regency romance line. Lauren Maitland was an American who comes to England to claim an inheritance. She meets two brothers who are interested in her, but is it for the right reason of love or wrong reason of money?

Allan Kass creates a close up view of our couple as they stand overlooking a beautiful mountain and lake scene. We see a castle in the background but our attention is focused on the hero and heroine who are dressed for riding. Our heroine wears an amber colored riding habit which is echoed in the hero's waistcoat. It's a good match with her complexion and hair color. I like the detail of ruffles on her blouse and the gauze bow on her hat. The hero is calm and seems peaceful with the heroine and the surroundings.

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