Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Tangled Web

Barbara Hazard also wrote regency romances under Fawcett's Coventry Regency line, which was published from 1976-1982. The Tangled Web was published in April 1981.

Mariel is part of a comic mishap of romantic entanglements where everyone is in love with one, but courting another! Can the tangled web of our title ever get straightened?

This cover is a bit of a departure for Allan Kass. Our heroine is rescuing the hero from a carriage accident! It is action oriented and we can almost see it happening. Beyond the drama of the cover, I really like the rich colors Kass uses in the vivid purple of the heroine's clothing and the hero's red coat. The other colors seem to mute and blend in with the outdoor scenery.

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