Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Barbara Hazard: Mad Masquerade

Next in the group by Barbara Hazard is Mad Masquerade, published by Signet in April 1985. Lady Laura Lockridge is forced to masquerade as the wife of Lord Vare as they travel through Italy even though neither one plans to marry soon, much less each other. It's a battle of self control as they match wits against bandits and each other!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in a romantic lake setting. We see a gazebo in the distance and a comfortable concrete bench behind where one can sit and dream. Our heroine is pretty in her lilac gown and gold jewelry, which is a Kass signature. Our hero holds her from behind which seems to be one of Kass's favorite poses. I like the use of the greens and blues to create a calm scene, which seems out of place with the title of the book!

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